‘The Voice’ Recap: Miley Cyrus & Alicia Keys Come To Play In Season 11 Premiere

It’s that time of year again! ‘The Voice’ is back with Season 11 on Sept. 19, and with Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys added to the judges’ panel, things are sure to be more intense than ever. Follow along with the premiere Blind Auditions with our live blog here!

The Blind Auditions kick off with 21-year-old Jason Warrior, who grew up in a “rough” Chicago neighborhood with his dad in jail for most of his childhood. He sings “Living For The City,”and Adam Levine is the first coach to turn around, followed by Alicia Keys. The vet and rookie battle it out to get Jason on their team, and of course, Blake Shelton urges the singer to turn down Adam — then Miley Cyrus gangs up on him, too! And it works…because Jason picks Alicia as his coach!

Miley Cyrus & Alicia Keys in new The Voice trailer

Dave Moisan, a 33-year-old medical device salesman and former swimmer, is next to sing. He performs “Sex & Candy,” and all four coaches eventually push their buttons. Miley is so into it, she even runs up to the stage to hug the contestant! The other coaches are disappointed to learn Dave is a big Maroon 5 fan, and they give their best pitches to win him over in hopes that he “breaks the mold” — and Alicia proves to be successful as he chooses her for his coach! Two team members already!? Get it, girl!

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Next up, Courtnie Ramirez, 17, sings a powerful version of “Mamma Knows Best,” and after letting most of the performance go by, Miley and Alicia make it a battle of the women when they each finally turn around. It’s a friendly competition, though, and leaves Courtnie with a tough decision. She goes with Miley, though, giving the newbie her first team member of the night — yay!

Singing next is Sundance Head, 37, whose father is a musician in the country music Hall of Fame. It’s his turn now, though, and he’s ready to prove it with a performance of “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.” This time, it’s a battle for the vets, with Adam and Blake pushing their buttons. Obviously, Blake thinks he has this one in the bag thanks to the country music connection — and even Sundance’s kids think their dad should pick the Okie. It’s a lost cause for Adam, because the 37-year-old ends up going with the obvious!

Maggie Renfroe, 16, is up next. She gives a gorgeous rendition of “Lost Boy,” but unfortunately, it’s not enough to get one of the coaches to turn around. However, they give her good constructive criticism, and urge her to come back to the show when shes a little more experienced.

28-year-old Ali Caldwell, a former girl group singer and well-known performer in Russia, is next to take the stage. The New York native sings “Dangerous Woman,” and it’s beyond epic. Adam is first to turn around, but he’s going to have to fight for Ali, because Blake, Miley and Alicia all follow before the performance ends. This one turns into an all-out war, as Alicia and Adam both hit the stage to shower Ali with praise — but she chooses Miley as her coach!

Riley Elmore, 16, is the next contestant to hit the Blind Auditions, and it’s absolutely shocking how much he sounds like the legendary Frank Sinatra while singing “The Way You Look Tonight.” Adam is impressed almost immediately, with Blake quickly following. The Maroon 5 frontman REALLY wants this one, and even gets on stage to give Riley some pointers and sing with him! Clearly, Blake doesn’t even stand a chance, and Adam lands his first team member of Season 11.

The next singer is Dana Harper, whose dad, Derek, actually played in the NBA. She makes a bold move by singing Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” making the song completely different and unique from the original. The risk is worth the reward, too, as Blake and Alicia turn around at the same time, and Adam joins in at the last minute. This one ends in a shocker, too, as Dana chooses Blake, despite originally gushing over Alicia!

Gabe Broussard, who’s just 15 years old, is up next. His performance catches Blake’s interest right away, with Miley soon joining in, and Gabe is forced to make a tough decision. After careful consideration, he goes with Blake!

The next contestant is Chris Cron, who previously had a record deal and success in Japan with his band Devils & Angels. He performs “Never Tears Us Apart,” but unfortunately, it’s just not what the coaches are looking for, and no one turns around.

Closing out the night is Christian Cuevas, 2o, who gives an amazing rendition of “Who Am I Supposed To Be Without You” for his Blind Audition. Adam and Blake turn around from the very first note, with Alicia soon following. Christian has a tough decision to make, but he picks Alicia, much to her girl, Miley’s, delight.

Here’s where the teams stand so far:

Miley: Darby Walker (from Special Preview), Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell

Alicia: We McDonald (from Special Preview), Dave Moisan, Jason Warrior, Christian Cuevas

Blake: Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Gabe Broussard

Adam: Riley Elmore



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