‘The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey’: The Team Finally Reveals Who They Think Killed JonBenet

‘The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey’ continues with further investigation into the 1996 death of six-year-old JonBenet. The revelations are even more shocking than in the first installment. But was it enough for the team to finally solve the 20-year-old case?

Well, the investigative team didn’t waste any time this round! Jim Clemente, the former FBI profiler, and Laura Richards, the former Scotland Yard criminal behavioralist, have delved so far into their pursuit of discovering what happened to JonBenet Ramsey that they recreated the Ramsey house! It’s replicated down to every detail, every cobweb, from the night that she was murdered. They’re quick to start disproving the lead investigator on the original case, Lou Smit‘s theory that an outside intruder murdered the child pageant queen.

One of the largest pieces of evidence in the JonBenet case was DNA found on her underwear. It supported the intruder theory, and removed her parents from the equation. Dr. Werner Spitz, who was present for her autopsy, doesn’t quite buy this. One compelling experiment shows that there’s even trace DNA on underwear fresh out of the package! Kind of gross, right?

The team speaks to another investigator on the case, who says that the focus was never shifted toward JonBenet’s parents, because of district attorney, Alex Hunter. Alex allegedly stopped investigators from obtaining search warrants. He finally allowed a grand jury to be called in 1999, which found no sufficient evidence to press charges. However, it came out in 2013 that the grand jury had actually moved to indict!

It’s so frustrating to hear. But much like the rest of this documentary, it doesn’t mean that the Ramseys did it. The team moves on, shifting focus to JonBenet’s brother Burke Ramsey, who was nine when she died. He’s acting really…odd…in his interview with the police child psychologist. He doesn’t seem upset at all that his sister died! He’s just talking about video games and how he’s “moving on with his life.”

Burke was known to get violent with his little sister when he was angry. He once reportedly hit her in the face with a golf club while they were playing in the background! Could he have freaked out that night and hit her with such force that her skull fractured? It’s a devastating question to ask.

But the investigators have to ask it. The series comes to a shocking conclusion as the team makes their decision: who killed JonBenet Ramsey in 1996? It’s unsurprising to find that while the team shares their opinions, they cannot confirm who killed her. But they have her suspicions: they suggest that Burke killed her, and fearing losing him on top of JonBenet, they suspect John andPatsy Ramsey covered up the crime. Wow!



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