Red Cross Warns Nigerians Against Crisis, Says Humanitarian Services Overstretched

The Nigeria Red Cross Society has warned the people against acts capable of causing further trouble, saying that the services of humanitarian organisations in the nation have been overstretched.
The Vice-Chairman of the society, Prof. Peter Katchy, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Tuesday that development partners preferred peace in Nigeria, not only for developmental purposes but due to its huge population.
“It is difficult to manage humanitarian crisis; it is even more difficult when it is within a country as large in population and land mass as Nigeria.
“Presently, the humanitarian services, in terms of manpower, medical and relief items from Red Cross have been overstretched in the country.
“That is why we passionately appeal to Nigerians to seek peace. Managing humanitarian situation in a region in the country is not easy, let alone crisis engulfing the whole country,’’ he said.
The chairman said that the organisation was appealing to all groups, communities and tribes aggrieved in the socio-political arrangement to seek dialogue.
“Please and please, stop creating humanitarian crisis; allow people to live peacefully and go about freely to look for their daily sustenance,’’ he added.

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