Fashola inaugurates I.2Mw solar plant

Power generation went up yesterday by 1.2megawatts (Mw) following the inauguration  of a solar electricity plant in the Lower Usman Dam, the Minster of Power, Works and Housing,  Babatunde Fashola, has said.

He said the solar plant, built in partnership with the Japanese government, is the first solar plant tied to the national grid, adding that it has the potential to carry the load of the water works at Usman Dam and capable of producing electricity of about 400 Kilowatts when the sun is high.

It also has the potential to provide excess power to the surrounding communities when the sun is high.

Fashola said the power plant was in fulfilment of government’s plan to increase electricity through incremental power supply to steady and uninterrupted electricity in the county.

“As we said in our power sector road map for electricity development that we are going to start from incremental power because there is not enough power. We will go from incremental power to steady power and we will go from steady power to uninterrupted power.

“This is the first step to incremental power, again we have kept our words, we have added more power here,“ he said.

He said by completing the solar project in partnership with the Japanese government, the Federal Government had fulfilled its earlier promise that it was going to complete any feasible and viable project.




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