Deaf and mute woman gang-raped

Deaf and mute woman gang-raped

Kanye police are on the hunt for two men who allegedly gang-raped a deaf and mute woman before stabbing her with a knife on the thigh last weekend.

The two brutes allegedly dragged the 27-year old woman to their place against her will after meeting and buying her a soft drink at Goo-Sebego ward.

The young woman who speaks through a sign language interpreter told of how one of the rapists assaulted her and held her on the floor before they both took turns raping her without using any protection the whole night.

The helpless victim said she was incapable of screaming for help due to her disability.

Her 48 year-old mother told The Voice that her daughter last left home on Saturday afternoon and never returned until she found her at the police station.

“I looked for my daughter the whole of Saturday evening only to be called for her at the police the next day. I wish my daughter’s rapists could die and rot in jail,” said the distraught mother.

She said from the police station, she took her daughter to the hospital as she kept crying and vomiting.

The victim’s 49-year-old aunt said her niece walked them to where the incident took place, but revealed that the police have not arrested the suspects despite the fact that they were shown where they live.

“She cannot eat well since the incident. Doctors at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital confirmed that she was raped,” she said.

Executive Director at Botswana Society for the Deaf, Orapeleng Mokgosi said the incident its sad and expect the law to take it cause.

“We will meet with the family to help with interpretations. Some people often think deaf and mute people are mentally challenged, but they are not and they can reason just like any person,” she said.

Assistant Superintendent Mogogi Mathaba of Kanye Police confirmed the incident and said the matter was still fresh, and that investigations are ongoing.

 Source : The Voice – Botswana

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