Gabon: more than 6000 teachers recruited in 7 years to improve the education system

Great men are those who have made their humanities great, which have been well trained and who have transformed their environment. If we consider the United States as a great country, it is because he has great men like Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Edgar Alan Poe. Gabon, who aspires to the emergence in 2025, recognizes that education is crucial, as proposed strategic objective 6 of PSGE is to “provide quality education to all to promote the social ascension”.


There are three essential poles in education. The learner (student or student), the object of teaching (discipline) and the teacher. Regarding the latter playing the role of trainer and educator, the government, during the seven-year term, has recruited over 6000 so that they offer a “quality education” to young Gabonese. To boost performance, improve their living conditions and improve the supervision of learners, authorities have upgraded the salaries of teachers. The average salary of a teacher was revalued by 43% compared to its earnings in 2009. Clearly, the average teacher salary increased from 484 000 FCFA in 2009 to 637 000 FCFA in 2016, despite the sharp increase teacher workforce. The government has done its share of work. It can not be said of teachers, given the latest results in the 2016 exams.

With less than 20% exam success of the primary study certificate (CEP) of undergraduate study (BEPC) and the Baccalaureate, some easily attack the government, saying that nothing has been done . Far from it, teachers are recruited and salaries are adjusted. It is up to teachers to effectively train Gabonese youth to make great men, and therefore, Gabon, a great country.


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