How To Accessorise A Black Dress? – Get Here Some Stunning Ideas

How To Accessorise A Black Dress

A black dress, be it short, medium-length or long, is a must-have for every woman. But accessorizing this staple can be quite challenging. Most of the ladies run short of ideas every time they need to style up their black outfits. But when you know how to accessorise a black dress the right way, you can make it look brand new every single time.


Here is your go-to list, if you are desperately looking for a guide on what accessories to wear with a black dress:

What Accessories To Wear With a Black Dress

1. Statement Jewelry

What can make a boring black dress look super gorgeous? Some dazzling statement ornaments, of course! When you need to look really fresh and up to date, just throw on a single piece of jewelry that itself will be the showstopper.

Necklace: A unique tassel neckpiece with bauble encrustation or a couple of large gemstones can bring you all of the attention in minutes. Let a sparkling rhinestone necklace in attractive shapes or figures embrace your décolletage to make your simple black dress look fierce and fabulous. A blinged-out statement necklace can easily add a touch of glamour to your basic black dress for a stunning party look. Consider the neckline of your black outfit when choosing neckpiece to match it. If it is a daytime classic with a regular round or square neckline, go for something gold-plated or oversized to add visual interest to it. Multiple long necklaces will turn your boring black dress into a fun and festive one, while a chocker necklace will complement a high-neck dress perfectly.

Earring: So your beautiful black dress lacks the much needed feminine flair for a romantic date night? Well, emphasize your facial features with an utterly bold statement earring and make your guy fall for your style. Find something large and sophisticated with eye-catching design or bright refreshing color. For a mini black dress, nothing can be more captivating than a pair of round chunky earrings. You can also give your dress a pretty dose of style with long chandelier or any other sort of delicate hanging earrings.

Bracelet: A bracelet with a ladylike metallic cuff is an awesome choice, when it comes to finding the best accessories for black dress. If you want to add more detail, just slip on one with a lacey design or crystal studs. Or you can give your black maxi dress a casual, flirty look with a bangle-type or motif-based bracelet. A thick and wide bracelet also goes well with a fashionable LBD.

Ring: To look uber-cool in your black dress, adorn your fingers with multiple sophisticated rings or a statement stacked ring. It is up to you whether you want to sport them on both of your hands or a particular finger only. But a large enamel ring in tune with rest of your outfit can amp up your glam quotient instantly.


Accessories For Black Dress

2. Trendy Tribal

Love to experiment with your look? Update your black dress with anything tribal to give your elegant formal style a fusion makeover. Be it beaded, metallic or white-colored jewelry, anything tribal-inspired is very much in fashion now. You can even wear Navajo print accessories with your dress for a relaxed, casual vibe.

Little Black Dress Accessories Ideas

3. Stylish Tights

To beat cold, skip that formal look and team up your sleek black dress with a pair of stylish tights. Something with lacy border, patterns or prints like hearts, polka dots, etc. will be great for a carefree appearance.

Black Dress Accessories Color

4. Edgy Cover-Ups

Want to look edgy in your boring black dress? Just cover it up. Tailored leather jackets, faux fur jackets, biker jackets, floral blazers, fancy feathery sweaters…you’ll literally be spoilt for choices if you are looking for something to cozy into, while styling your LBD.

Adding Color To a Black Dress

5. Vibrant Scarf

As the shade of the ensemble is neutral, black dress accessories color should be vivid or at least in contrast. Hence to add a touch of hues to your outfit, throw a vibrant silk scarf with bold prints around your neck.

Scarf with black dress

6. Elegant Embellishment

If you are wondering how to accessorize a black dress the simplest way, embellishments can be your answer. The best thing about embellishing your outfit with a glitzy brooch, pin or bauble is that it makes the look unique and up-to-date.

Accessorise a Black Dress

7. Smart-N-Sexy Belt

From clinching your waistline to giving you a great silhouette, a belt can always be a smart addition to the list of your black-dress-accessories. Choose from options like wide, narrow, leather, metallic, jeweled (decorated with studs or grommets), and so forth. Also, wear the belt slightly below or above your natural waist based on the style of your dress.


Black dress accessories

8. Striking Bag

When it comes to adding color to a black dress, a metallic clutch, a sophisticated handbag or an exclusive shoulder bag can be a good choice. Pick one in contrasting shade to add a splash of brightness to your outfit instantly.

Black dress bags

9. Boho-Chic Headband

Do not forget about your beautiful locks when looking for little black dress accessories ideas. Wear a bohemian-style headband to create a laid-back yet chic look and take your black dress to a whole new level.

Bhhemian style headband

10. Fashionable Footwear

Last but not the least; be careful about selecting your footwear. Whether it is a pair of heels, pumps, flats, or boots, make sure that you add a pop of color to them. Shades like saucy red, lively yellow, electric blue, etc. can make you look like a sultry siren in your LBD. Animal prints or rhinestone embellishments on your shoes can also give a sexy edge to your back dress.

Ways To Accessorise a Black Dress

When the concern is how to accessorize a black dress, remember the mantra ‘less is more’. Just a little color here and a little bling there will be perfect to go. So, find out the right accessories for your black dress and stun everybody with your killer look.

CREDIT: Fashionlady

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